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The Geothermal Entrepreneurship Organization (GEO)

GEO is a demand-pull innovation exercise aimed at commercializing geothermal relevant technologies and innovations, engaging the oil and gas industry in geothermal related challenges, and recruiting oil and gas entities and veterans to engage in new geothermal ventures and development. GEO focuses on startups as the vehicle for commercialization of new geothermal technologies, supporting the formation of geothermal ventures poised for fast impact, and entrepreneurs who are solving problems identified by industry partners as key to enabling exponential growth. 

In its first two years, GEO associated startups raised tens of millions in funding, with several, including Sage Geosystems and CausewayGT, developing partnerships with oil and gas entities within months of their formation. In 2021, GEO's Founder and Executive Director discussed the foundational concepts of GEO from the TED stage.

GEO's Origins


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